Wong has long turned to other designers to help provide the accessories, jewelry and headgear that complete her runway looks, and this season that collaborative effort seems to have broadened substantially to include kiss-me-deadly spiked shoulder armor, exoskeleton-like “space vests” and elaborate gold-colored constructions that resemble wearable Rococo picture frames, most credited to Rocky Gathercole with L.A.-based For the Stars Fashion House. The result was a range of over-the-top statement pieces that wouldn’t be out of place at the MTV VMA’s red carpet. (Though, in all honesty, who but Miley Cyrus could pull off an outfit that consisted of little more than a few yards of barely there tulle, a couple of coils of red plastic and a helmet-and-ski-goggles headpiece festooned with dozens of bright red spikes?)

“I’ve been getting so many awards lately, you’d think my career is winding down,” Wong said as she was being handed a framed plaque, “but I’m happy to announce it’s just revving up!”

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Based on the spring and summer 2016 runway collection she’d just sent down the runway, design-wise it’s not so much revving up as it is hitting warp speed.


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